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Wakatobi Island Snorkeling 5 Days 4 Nights

  • Wakatobi Island Snorkeling 5 Days 4 Nights

Discover underwater wonders on a 5-day, 4-night snorkeling adventure on Wakatobi Island. Explore vibrant coral reefs and diverse marine life!

Wakatobi tourism travel guides and popular tourist attractions include scuba diving, snorkeling, whale and dolphin watching, traditional sailing, cultural village visits, and traditional dance performances. Scuba diving is a major activity in Wakatobi, known for its marine national park and vibrant underwater paradise. The diverse marine life, including Picasso Trigger Fish, Hammerhead Sharks, manta rays, lobsters, and starfish, enhances the beauty of over forty-five dive spots. New diving areas are continually being explored.

Snorkeling offers non-divers a chance to relax and enjoy the colorful Wakatobi coral reefs, which are among the best in Indonesia. For those tired of diving and snorkeling, whale and dolphin watching provides an alternative marine activity. Dolphins, pilot whales, and occasionally larger whales such as sperm whales and gray whales can be seen in their natural environment. Dolphins and pilot whales often follow boats, providing close-up views and interaction.

Learning to sail a traditional dugout canoe with a bamboo mast and plastic sail is another unique activity. This pastime is especially enjoyable on windy days, offering a fun challenge of catching the breeze and steering without capsizing, perfect for 2–3 people.

A visit to Wangi-Wangi cultural village includes exploring a traditional market, a historic fort, and a Bajo sea nomad village on stilts. Visitors can learn about the seaweed farming industry, witness traditional weaving, and experience the holy spring believed to bring youth, beauty, and good luck.

Wakatobi traditional dance performances, featuring colorfully dressed dancers and musicians, offer an engaging cultural experience. Guests can often participate in the dances, making it a memorable way to connect with Wakatobi culture.

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Wakatobi Hoga Island Tours Snorkeling Packages, 5 Days/4 Nights

Day 01: Wakatobi Arrival—Tour (LD)

Upon arrival at Matahora Wangi Wangi Airport, meet with service, then transfer to the hotel or resort for check-in, followed by lunch at the hotel or resort. After lunch, start the tour to visit Old Fort Liya, the traditional market, Toliamba Hill, Kontamale Water Cave, and Sumbu Village. Afternoon: back to the hotel or resort. Dinner at a hotel or resort

Day 02: Matahora Island Snorkeling (BLD)

Buffet breakfast at a hotel or resort By riding a boat, we will take time to snorkel around Matahora Island, one of the islands near Wangi Wangi Island. The island is famous for its white, sandy beaches and is also a paradise for snorkeling and diving. Lunch will be on the beach, picnic-style. Afternoon, back to the hotel or resort, free program. Dinner at a hotel or resort

Day 03: Dolphin Watching, Waha Snorkeling, and Discovery Diving or Try Diving (BLD)

Early in the morning, leave the resort for the dolphin-watching tour; breakfast will be at Box. Afterward, continue snorkeling at the Waha dive spot. Lunch with a Picnic Lunch at Waha Beach After lunch, you will take a Discovery Dive (a dive program for non-certified divers) at the Waha dive spot. Afternoon: back to the hotel or resort, then walk to the sacred spring, and then back to the hotel or resort. Dinner at a hotel or resort

Day 04: Hoga Island Snorkeling (BLD)

Leave the resort early in the morning and take a boat to Hoga Island, where breakfast will be served. Upon arriving at Hoga Island, you will have time to go snorkeling around Hoga Island, which is also known as a paradise for snorkeling and diving. Lunch will be at Hoga Island Beach in picnic style. Afternoon, back to the hotel or resort, free program. Dinner at a hotel or resort

Day 05: Wakatobi—Transfer out (B)

Breakfast at the hotel or resort, check out, then transfer to the airport for your flight home or to your next destination. End program.


  • Tour: visit Tiolamba Hill, Kontamale Cave, and Sumbu Waterfall.
  • Matahora Island snorkeling trip
  • Dolphin watching and Waha snorkeling
  • Hoga Islands snorkeling


  • Price includes:
  • Accommodation.
  • Private transport with air conditioning
  • Car driver.
  • Local Guide.
  • Meals on board (as an itinerary)
  • Boat Snorkeling or Try Dive
  • Life jackets.
  • Standard Snorkeling and Dive Equipment
  • All entrance fees.
  • Mineral water along the tour.
  • Parking.
  • Tax and Service


  • Air ticket and airport tax.
  • Personal expenses (phone, mini bar, laundry)
  • Optional Tour.
  • Optional snorkeling and diving
  • Travel insurance.
  • Snorkeling and dive insurance
  • Juice drink or beer at a local restaurant, hotel, or resort
  • Tipping for Guide, Driver, Bellboy Hotel, and Boat Man
  • Airport porter


Wakatobi Island Snorkeling 5 Days 4 Nights
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