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Komodo Dive 4 Days 3 Night Komodo Liveaboard, From Bali

4 Days 3 Night Komodo Dive

Departure Place
: Bali (Hotel)
Departure Time
: 06.00 A.M
: 4 days (approximately)

Embarking on a 4-day, 3-night liveaboard trip aboard the Tatawa promises an immersive and exhilarating experience in the breathtaking Komodo National Park. Moreover, the focus on the Central and North Komodo regions ensures divers get to explore some of the area’s finest dive sites. Additionally, beyond diving, the itinerary includes a visit to Padar Island, renowned for trekking, and offers the chance to explore surrounding beaches when time allows.

The flexibility to select the 13 best dive sites based on the latest conditions, tides, and participants’ diving proficiency adds a personalized touch to the experience. This allows for a dynamic and tailored adventure, ensuring that each dive is optimized for safety and enjoyment.

Furthermore, the inclusion of Padar Island, a trekking destination, adds a terrestrial adventure to the aquatic exploration. Subsequently, participants can relish the panoramic views from the island’s summit and appreciate the diverse landscapes of Komodo National Park.

In addition, exploring surrounding beaches further enhances the trip, providing opportunities for relaxation and appreciation of the natural beauty of the region. Whether it’s a moment of tranquility on a secluded shore or a beachcombing adventure, these experiences complement the diving excursions.

Throughout the liveaboard trip, the Tatawa becomes a floating base for comfort and convenience. It allows participants to seamlessly transition between diving, trekking, and beach exploration while enjoying the camaraderie of fellow adventurers.

Consequently, as participants navigate the selected dive sites, trek through Padar Island, and soak in the coastal charm, the Tatawa liveaboard trip becomes a holistic exploration of Komodo National Park’s diverse and captivating offerings. It’s an opportunity to create lasting memories and forge a deep connection with this unique natural wonder.

Day 1:  Sebayur Kecil – Tatawa Besar – Siaba Besar Komodo

It sounds like you have an exciting trip planned! Starting your day at the office at 8:30 AM and heading to the harbor at 9:00 AM for the first activities sets a brisk and organized pace. But the plan to conduct a check dive at Sebayur Kecil to assess equipment and skill level is a responsible and safety-conscious approach, ensuring everyone is ready for the upcoming dives.

Tatawa Besar seems like a fantastic choice for the first drift dive, providing a memorable experience for the participants. Because exploring the underwater beauty there should be a great way to kick off the trip.

Ending the day with a dive at Siaba Besar or in North Komodo, followed by a night dive and overnight stay, adds an adventurous and immersive element to the itinerary. So, the night dive offers a unique perspective on marine life, and staying overnight allows participants to fully embrace the diving experience.

After a satisfying day of diving and exploration, having dinner and casual conversations create a relaxed atmosphere for the group. And allowing participants to get some rest afterward ensures they are rejuvenated for the upcoming activities.

Remember to emphasize safety protocols and ensure everyone is adequately briefed before each dive. Enjoy your trip and the amazing underwater wonders!

Day 2: Gili Lawa Darat – Gili Lawa Laut – Castle & Crystal Rock – Siaba Besar

Your second day sounds like another thrilling and well-planned adventure! Starting the day with a morning dive at the Cauldron in North Komodo offers divers an exhilarating experience, especially with the unique channel dive between Gili Lawa Darat and Gili Lawa Laut. The changing tides and currents add an extra element of excitement to the exploration.

Providing breakfast on the boat while moving to the northern side of the island is a thoughtful touch, ensuring participants are fueled and ready for the next set of dives at Castle and Crystal Rock. These sites are likely to offer diverse marine life and underwater landscapes, enhancing the overall diving experience.

Serving lunch after the third dive and then moving to the central area for the night dives demonstrates a well-organized itinerary. Offering options like Siaba Besar and Wae Nilu cater to different preferences, whether divers are interested in larger marine life or macro photography.

Anchoring the boat in a safe location for the second night provides a comfortable and secure setting for the group. Ending the day with dinner, casual conversations, and a good night’s sleep allows participants to recharge for the next day’s adventures.

Lastly, make sure to prioritize safety during all activities and encourage participants to adhere to dive protocols. With such an exciting itinerary, it’s bound to be a memorable and enjoyable diving expedition!

Day 3: Padar Island – Three Sister site – Batu Bolong Mawan – Manta Point – Wae Nilu

Your day kicks off with an exciting blend of adventure and natural beauty! The early wake-up call for a morning hike at Padar, a renowned trekking spot in Komodo, sets the tone for an active and scenic start. The promise of a breathtaking sunrise view from the top of the island adds a touch of awe-inspiring beauty to the experience.

Returning to the boat for a hearty breakfast and then sailing to the first dive site, Three Sister, offers a seamless transition from land to sea exploration. The prospect of discovering vibrant marine life, colorful coral, sharks, and macros makes this dive site particularly appealing for divers with diverse interests.

Heading back to the central area for the second and third dives at Batu Bolong, Mawan, or Manta Point provides participants with options for unique and memorable underwater experiences. Each site offers its own set of wonders, ensuring a varied and fulfilling day of diving.

Concluding the day with a dive at Wae Nilu, known for its fascinating macro dive, adds a different dimension to the underwater exploration. The opportunity to observe and capture macro-marine life makes this dive a special and potentially rewarding experience for enthusiasts.

As the boat anchors for the night, enjoying a delicious dinner and casual conversation provides a relaxed and social atmosphere. This allows participants to share their experiences, exchange stories, and build camaraderie before settling down for a restful night.

Ensure that safety measures are maintained throughout the activities and encourage participants to respect the natural environment. With such a well-rounded and engaging itinerary, participants are likely to cherish the memories of this adventurous day.

Day 4: You have a choice of diving at Mawan, Siaba, Tatawa, or Pengah Kecil on this last day – Komodo Trekking

A breathtaking experience is complete without a visit to the remarkable Komodo dragon on the final day of your excursion. The choice of diving at Mawan, Siaba, Tatawa, or Pengah Kecil for the last two dives adds a sense of flexibility and allows participants to select based on their preferences or the desire for variety.

After the final dives, a well-deserved lunch provides a moment to relax and refuel before the journey to Rinca Island (or Komodo Island) to witness the majestic Komodo dragon. The two-hour trek offers a unique opportunity to encounter these fascinating creatures in their natural habitat.

Returning to the boat and embarking on the journey back to the original port of departure, Labuan Bajo, marks the end of the expedition. The return journey provides participants with a chance to reflect on the incredible experiences and memories created throughout the trip.

As the excursion concludes, it’s time to say farewell. Encourage participants to share their favorite moments and express gratitude for the shared adventures. Remind them to cherish the memories and perhaps plan for future explorations.

Throughout the entire excursion, safety remains a top priority, so ensure that all safety protocols are followed during dives, treks, and interactions with wildlife. I wish everyone a safe and memorable journey back home!

Tour Program

This program is only used as a guideline. Dive guides will make some adjustments to their location based on certain conditions: current, tides, and visibility conditions at the exact hour of activity. Our guides will decide the timing, location, and routes of the trip.

Package Includes

  • 13 Dives
  • 3 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 3 Dinners,
  • Own Cabin (Double, Single, or Twin)
  • Dive equipment rental

Package Excludes

  • Komodo National Park entrance fees
  • Diving Insurance
  • Land Accommodation, Airfare, and Land Transport
  • Tips for our crew

Do not forget to bring:

  • Small-size luggage (backpack / overnight bag)
  • Passport
  • Beach Towel
  • Extra money 
  • Sun cream
  • Hat
  • Trekking shoes
  • Sunglasses 
  • Personal needs  
  • Mosquito Repellent

Price:Rp 23,372,550.00

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