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  • Advance reservation is a must to check space availability.
  • Reservations are expected to be made far in advance to ensure this package and avoid full bookings.
  • Late reservations can be accepted up to 27 days before the tour departure date, but are subject to NUSA PENIDA ISLANDS room availability, and there may be a change in price.


  • All reservations must be prepaid. A 60% deposit is required for any bookings made on the booking date.
    The last remaining 40% payment will be made 27 days before the departure date. Payment can be made in Indonesian Rupiah, US dollar cash or Euro cash depending on the current exchange rate. Payment can be made via bank transfer.


  • Personal expenses (drinks, laundry services, telephone calls, tips and gratuities, etc.), airport taxes, immunizations, excess baggage fees, porter fees, accident and baggage insurance, and meals are not covered by the plan.


  • A 100 percent cancellation fee if the cancellation is made within 27 days prior to the departure date and the passenger does not show up on the departure date.
  • After the start of the scheduled tour, no full or partial refunds or package price reductions will be given for unused services. As a result, all refund conditions are declared no longer valid.


  • 100 percent refund if cancellation is made 3 months before the day of tour departure.
  • A refund of 30 percent of the funds paid will apply if the cancellation is made two months before the tour departure date.
  • Refund 40 percent of the funds paid if the cancellation is made 2 months to 4 weeks before the tour.
  • No refunds if the tour is canceled within 27 days from the departure date.

NUSA PENIDA ISLANDS reserves the right to rearrange the itinerary order of any tour, cancel or replace any plan elements with or without prior notice when local conditions force such changes. No refunds &/or reduced tour package prices can be made for rearrangements afterwards. Side trips are at the passenger’s own expense. Additional costs incurred due to flight delays, cancellations, accidents, political actions or riots must be borne by the passengers themselves.


  • Nusapenidaislands.com only acts as an agent for hotels, operators, transportation companies and all other service suppliers. Therefore we shall not be responsible and shall disclaim any responsibility for any loss, damage, injury (including death), accident, change of schedule, delay, flight cancellation, irregularity, etc., which are beyond our control.


  • Travel insurance is MANDATORY for all tours arranged by Nusapenidaislands.com. We strongly recommend that you take out appropriate coverage when booking your vacation, so please consult a trusted travel insurance company.

Nusapenidaislands.com does not include travel insurance, accident insurance or any kind of insurance in this tour.

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Nusa Penida Islands Travel Team

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