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Komodo Dive Cruise Live From Bali 10 days 9 Nights

liveaboard from bali

A liveaboard trip from Bali to Komodo National Park, whether for 10 days or 9 nights, offers a fantastic opportunity to explore the diverse and unique attractions of this Indonesian destination. Here’s a summary of what you can expect:

Activities in Komodo National Park:

  1. Pink Beach: Experience the remarkable pink sand beach, which is a rare natural phenomenon and perfect for relaxation and stunning photos.
  2. Trekking: Explore the islands of Padar and Rinca, offering panoramic views and the chance to spot the famous Komodo dragons in their natural habitat.
  3. Sunset Bat Watching: Witness the spectacular sight of thousands of bats leaving Bat Island at sunset for their nightly hunt.
  4. Komodo Dragon Encounters: Get up close and personal with the legendary Komodo dragons, the world’s largest lizard species.
  5. Diving and Snorkeling: Komodo National Park is renowned for its rich marine life. Whether you’re into pelagic species, sharks, or macro photography, there’s something for everyone. Expect to see manta rays, barracuda, turtles, various shark species, frogfish, nudibranchs, and pygmy seahorses, among other marine treasures.

Why Choose This Liveaboard Trip?

  1. Experience: The operators have extensive experience exploring Komodo National Park, ensuring you’ll have access to the best diving and snorkeling spots, and they know the optimal times for different sites.
  2. Quality Service: The trip offers a high-quality and luxurious experience at an affordable price, focusing on safety and comfort.
  3. Sustainability: They are committed to environmentally sustainable operations and support local communities, contributing to the preservation of this unique environment.
  4. Convenience: The convenience of starting and finishing the trip in Bali, with easy transfers from the airport or your Bali holiday destination.
  5. Reputation: The operators have been recognized with multiple Dive Travel Awards, demonstrating their reliability and great service. They have a strong base of returning guests who continue to enjoy their services.

The Best Time to Visit Komodo National Park:

The best time for a liveaboard trip from Bali to Komodo is from May to September. During this period, you can expect clear skies and calm seas, making it an ideal time for diving and snorkeling. The diverse marine life is more active, offering an unforgettable underwater experience.

This trip promises an incredible adventure with a blend of unique natural wonders and world-class diving and snorkeling opportunities. Whether you’re a seasoned diver or a nature enthusiast, Komodo National Park has something to offer everyone.


DAY 1: 0 Dive

Your live-aboard journey sounds like an exciting start to your adventure. Here’s a breakdown of the day:
  1. Check-in: You’ll need to check in on board the Mermaid I between 13:00 and 15:00 hours at Benoa Harbour in Bali. Make sure you arrive within this time frame to ensure a smooth start to your trip.
  2. Boat and Safety Briefing: Once on board, there will be a boat and safety briefing. This is crucial to ensure that you are familiar with the vessel’s safety procedures and know what to do in case of emergencies. Pay close attention during this briefing.
  3. Equipment Setup: After the safety briefing, you will have the opportunity to set up your diving or snorkeling equipment. It’s essential to make sure your gear is in good condition and ready for the underwater adventures ahead.
  4. Settle into Your Cabin: You’ll have the chance to settle into your cabin. Your cabin will be your home on the boat for the duration of the trip, so get comfortable and organized.
  5. Sunset Departure: The Mermaid I will cruise into the sunset as it embarks on an overnight journey to Moyo Island, which is located in northwest of Sumbawa. This marks the beginning of your exploration of the beautiful Indonesian archipelago.

Please make sure to follow the instructions and guidelines provided by the crew and staff on board to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience throughout your trip. Enjoy the beautiful sunset and the anticipation of the adventures that await you in the days to come.

DAY 2: 3 Dive

Your liveaboard adventure promises exciting underwater experiences and unique moments. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  1. Dive at Angel Reef, Moyo Island: Start your day with a fantastic dive in the calm and clear waters of Angel Reef at Moyo Island. This dive site is known for its impressive marine life, including massive elephant ear and barrel sponges. You can expect to encounter schools of longfin bannerfish and red-tooth triggerfish, as well as frogfish, nudibranchs, eels, surgeonfish, snappers, and dogtooth tuna. It’s an excellent opportunity for both macro and pelagic lovers to explore the underwater world.
  2. Cruise to Satonda Island: After your dive at Angel Reef, the ship will cruise for two and a half hours to Satonda Island. This journey will provide you with a chance to relax and enjoy the scenic views of the Indonesian archipelago.
  3. Macro Dive at Satonda Island: At Satonda Island, you’ll have the opportunity for a macro dive. This type of diving focuses on discovering and observing the smaller, often hidden, marine creatures. It’s a favorite of underwater photographers and critter enthusiasts.
  4. Sunset Bat Watching: After the macro dive, you’ll be treated to a remarkable sight. You’ll watch a million bats fly at sunset. This natural spectacle is a unique experience and the perfect way to end your day.
  5. Cruise to Gili Banta: The Mermaid I will cruise overnight to Gili Banta, where you’ll be spending the night. Get ready for more underwater adventures in the days to come.

Make sure to follow the guidance of the dive instructors and boat crew to ensure your safety and enjoyment during the dives and other activities. Each day of your liveaboard journey will bring new opportunities to explore the incredible marine life and natural wonders of the Indonesian waters.

DAY 3: 4 Dive

Your liveaboard adventure takes you to the northern islands of Komodo National Park, where you’ll have more exciting dives and exploration. Here’s what to expect:

  1. Dives at Gili Banta: You’ll begin the day with your first and second dives in the area of Gili Banta. These dives will allow you to explore the underwater beauty of this location, which is known for its diverse marine life.
  2. Cruising to the Northern Islands of Komodo NP: After completing your dives at Gili Banta, the Mermaid I will set sail to the northern islands of Komodo National Park. These islands are known for their pristine reefs and abundant marine life.
  3. Afternoon Dive at Gili Lawa Laut: In the afternoon, you’ll have the opportunity for another dive, this time at Gili Lawa Laut. This island is a popular diving destination and offers a chance to see a wide variety of marine species.
  4. Night Dive: As the day continues, you’ll experience a night dive at Gili Lawa Darat. Night dives provide a unique perspective on underwater life, with the opportunity to spot nocturnal creatures and witness the transformation of the reef.

These dives in the northern islands of Komodo National Park are likely to offer diverse and captivating marine encounters. Be sure to follow the guidance of your dive instructors and the boat crew for a safe and enjoyable experience. Your liveaboard journey is an incredible opportunity to explore some of the world’s most renowned dive sites.

DAY 4: 4 Dive

Dives at Gili Lawa Laut and the surrounding sites promise a range of exciting underwater encounters. Here’s what you can expect at these dive locations:

  1. Taka Toko: If the tide is right, Taka Toko offers the possibility of spotting gray reef sharks and dolphins. Gray reef sharks are impressive and often seen patrolling these waters. Dolphin sightings are a fantastic bonus.
  2. Lighthouse Reef and the Old Passage: These dive sites are known for their fast drifts and encounters with pelagic species. If you’re lucky, you might spot a manta ray, which is always a thrilling experience.
  3. Crystal Rock: Crystal Rock is famous for its stunning soft corals in gold and orange hues. It’s a feast for the eyes and a great spot for underwater photography. In addition to the corals, you might have the chance to encounter sharks, turtles, Napoleon wrasse, and a multitude of fish species.
  4. Pink Beach or Soro Lia: In the evening, you’ll have the opportunity to dive at the famous Pink Beach or Soro Lia. These sites are known for their spectacular colors and vibrant marine life. Keep an eye out for frogfish, slipper lobsters, basket stars, and unique marine creatures like robust sea cucumbers that are specific to the area.

Each of these dive sites offers a unique underwater experience, and Komodo National Park is known for its rich biodiversity and pristine coral reefs. Make sure to follow the guidance of your dive instructors, as well as safety and conservation practices to protect this remarkable marine environment. Enjoy your explorations!

DAY 5: 3 Dive

Your liveaboard journey offers a unique combination of wildlife encounters and remarkable diving experiences in Komodo National Park. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Visit to Loh Liang, Komodo National Park: Your day begins with an exciting visit to Loh Liang, the headquarters of Komodo National Park. This is where you’ll have the opportunity to walk with the famous Komodo dragons.
  2. Diver’s Paradise at Horseshoe Bay, Rinca Island: Your next stop is Horseshoe Bay at Rinca Island, known as a diver’s paradise. This location is home to one of the top ten dive sites in the world, Cannibal Rock.
  3. Wildlife Observations: While diving or snorkeling at Horseshoe Bay, you may also have the chance to observe Komodo dragons scavenging on the beach, as well as monkeys, deer, and wild pigs along the shore. It’s an area rich in both terrestrial and marine life.
  4. Possible Whale and Dolphin Watching: Depending on conditions, there may even be an opportunity to follow whales and dolphins feeding in the calm bay. Watching these magnificent marine mammals in their natural habitat is a captivating experience.
  5. Night Dive: Mermaid I will overnight at this peaceful location, and you’ll have the chance for a night dive. Night dives offer a unique perspective on underwater life, with the potential to encounter nocturnal creatures and witness the transformation of the reef under the cover of darkness.

DAY 6: 4 Dive

Your liveaboard journey takes you to some of the most iconic dive sites in Komodo National Park, promising thrilling encounters with marine life. Here’s what to look forward to:

  1. Manta Alley: Your day starts with a visit to Manta Alley. This dive site is famous for its resident manta rays, and you’ll be able to watch these majestic creatures as they feed, play, and visit the various cleaning stations. Observing mantas in their natural environment is a mesmerizing experience, and it’s a favorite among divers and snorkelers.
  2. Afternoon Dives at Tatawa Kecil and Batu Bolong: In the afternoon, you’ll have the opportunity for more big fish dives at either Tatawa Kecil or Batu Bolong. These sites are known for their strong currents and abundant marine life. You can come face-to-face with reef sharks, turtles, Napoleon wrasse, and many other species of fish. These sites are perfect for adrenaline-pumping drift dives.
  3. Night Dives at Wainilu: The evening offers the chance for night dives in the area, with Wainilu being one of the options. Night dives provide a unique perspective on the underwater world, allowing you to encounter nocturnal creatures and witness the behavior of marine life after dark.

The dive sites you’ll explore on this day are renowned for their incredible biodiversity and the potential for thrilling underwater encounters. Always remember to follow safety protocols and guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable diving experience. Komodo National Park is a paradise for divers, and you’re in for some fantastic adventures.

DAY 7 : 4 Dive

Marks your last day of exploration in Komodo National Park. Here’s what’s in store for your final day in this stunning marine environment:

  1. Four Dives in Central and Northern Komodo: You’ll spend the day diving around the central and northern parts of Komodo National Park, completing a total of four dives. These areas are known for their rich marine life, diverse coral formations, and a variety of underwater experiences. You’ll have the chance to explore different dive sites and encounter a wide range of marine species.
  2. Night Dive at Gili Banta: After a day of diving, your adventure continues with a night dive at Gili Banta. Night dives offer a unique perspective on the underwater world, and you’ll have the opportunity to spot nocturnal creatures and observe the fascinating behaviors of marine life after dark.
  3. Cruising to Sangeang Volcano: Following the night dive at Gili Banta, the Mermaid I will cruise overnight to Sangeang Volcano. This active volcanic island is part of your ongoing journey and promises more exciting experiences in the days to come.

As your time in Komodo National Park draws to a close, make the most of your remaining dives and enjoy the unique marine biodiversity and stunning underwater landscapes. Be sure to follow safety guidelines and dive responsibly to protect this delicate environment. The adventure continues as you head to Sangeang Volcano for further exploration.

DAY 8: 4 Dive

Brings a unique diving experience to Sangeang, an active volcano off the northeastern coast of Sumbawa. Here’s what you can anticipate:

  1. Sangeang Volcano Dive: The day starts with a dive at Sangeang, where you’ll explore the underwater world in the vicinity of this active volcano. This location offers black sand, beautiful coral reefs, and the opportunity to encounter an array of critters and marine life. The volcanic activity in the area adds an intriguing dimension to the dive.
  2. Night Dive: After the daytime dive, you’ll have the opportunity for a night dive. Night dives provide a different perspective on marine life, with the chance to spot nocturnal creatures and observe the behaviors of underwater species after dark.
  3. Cruising back to Moyo Island: Following the night dive at Sangeang, you’ll begin your cruise back to Moyo Island. This journey provides time to relax, reflect on your diving experiences, and enjoy the scenery as you make your way back to your starting point.

Sangeang’s underwater environment is distinctive due to the volcanic activity in the area, and it’s a favorite destination for divers seeking unique critters and marine encounters. Continue to dive responsibly and follow safety practices during your adventures. Enjoy your last day of underwater exploration in this part of Indonesia before heading back to Moyo Island.

DAY 9: 2 Dive

Offers the opportunity to make the most of your final dives in the Sumbawa and Moyo Islands region before concluding your liveaboard adventure. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Two Dives Around Sumbawa and Moyo Islands: You’ll start the day with two dives in the vicinity of Sumbawa and Moyo Islands. This provides you with a chance to revisit any dive sites you may have missed at the beginning of the trip or explore new areas. It’s an excellent opportunity to capture more underwater memories and savor the unique marine life of this region.
  2. Equipment Maintenance: After the dives, the crew will assist in washing and maintaining your diving equipment. This service ensures your gear is properly cleaned and prepared for future use. It’s a thoughtful gesture that allows you to relax while your equipment is taken care of.
  3. Relaxation on the Sundeck: With your equipment taken care of, you can relax on the sundeck of the boat. This is a perfect time to unwind, enjoy the scenic views, and reflect on the incredible experiences you’ve had during your live-aboard journey.

As your adventure comes to a close, take this time to appreciate the beautiful surroundings and the remarkable marine life you’ve encountered during your trip. Whether you’re an underwater photographer or simply an enthusiast of marine wonders, the final dives and equipment maintenance ensure a smooth conclusion to your live-aboard experience.

DAY 10:

Marks the conclusion of your liveaboard adventure. Here’s what you can expect on this final day:

  1. Disembarkation: After enjoying breakfast on board, you’ll disembark at Benoa Harbour at 8 a.m. This marks the end of your liveaboard journey in Komodo National Park and the surrounding areas.

Please note that this itinerary is a sample and is subject to change based on various factors, including weather conditions, tides, currents, and other prevailing events. The safety and comfort of passengers are the top priorities, so adjustments may be made to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience throughout the cruise.

As you disembark, you can reflect on the incredible underwater adventures and wildlife encounters you’ve had during your journey. This unique experience in the pristine waters of Indonesia is likely to leave you with lasting memories and a deep appreciation for the beauty of the marine world.


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  • Passport
  • Jacket
  • Extra money
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  • Trekking shoes
  • Mosquito Repellent
  • Sunglasses
  • Towel
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