Dive for see Mola Mola and Manta Rays July – September

In July – September many divers do dives in Nusa Penida to see the life of Mola Mola clustered in the water. So it’s best if you book a diving activity in Nusa Penida from now on so that it can be arranged by our dive company.

Departure Place : Bali (Hotel) 
Departure Time07.00 A.M 
Duration: 4 days (approximately)

Another excellent attraction of Nusa Penida is the mola mola. The mola mola is the largest bony fish in the ocean and is on many divers’ bucket lists! They grow to five meters high, four meters long, and weigh up to 2500 kilograms, but they are a strange looking fish! From the front, they are very slender, but when they turn to the side, they look like a large disc with long fins attached to the top and bottom. Associated with pufferfish & triggerfish, sunfish have mouthparts that are fused (meaning they can’t close it), giving them a constant “alert” appearance.

The species of sunfish we see on Nusa Penida is the Mola Alexandrini (common name: bumphead sunfish or Bali sunfish) – They are different from the Mola mola, but they look very similar so we’ll forgive you if you think they look like that.

Mola Mola Season
Mola mola frequent in the Nusa Penida sites most frequently from late June to late October/early November, when cooler water emerges from the Lombok Strait. These cooler temperatures make the sunfish shallower, and we can often observe them being cleaned.
We also see sunfish in the warmer months, but you’ll need a little more luck during these months.

Diving Experience

  • Explore Nusa Penida best diving locations
  • Generally very good visibility
  • Incredibly beautiful underwater flora and fauna
  • See Manta Rays and Mola Mola
  • See coral, many varieties of fish, seahorses, and more…

Price is Per Person (Minimum 2 Persons)

Total PaxPrice Per Person
7 +$ …


  • Return hotel transfer
  • Boat with the captain ( share small group )
  • Dive Gear
  • 3 Dive in 3 location
  • Lunch box
  • Divemaster


  • Camera
  • Photographer

Price:Rp 2,747,217.00

Book the tour

 Number ticket  × Rp 2,747,217.00
Total = Rp 2,747,217.00